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Guidelines for observing a class


  1. Please schedule your visit with the Information Chair at info@lgsons.com.
  2. Visits are generally scheduled when our classes meet at the schoolhouse, which is from November to late March.
  3. Please arrive and depart at the appointed times. The teacher has chosen that timeframe to fit with the class's particular activities that day. Unless specifically invited by the head teacher, please do not remain for snack, which is indicated by the ringing of the clean-up bell. 
  4. Although newborns in arms are welcome, please do not bring any children. Our teachers must focus on the enrolled families during class. If your child care plans change unexpectedly, please cancel your visit and reschedule. 
  5. Please have discussions with the teacher at another time, rather than during class, as she must focus on teaching. You may wish to ask her what time would be good for a follow-up discussion, such as after class or a later phone call or email. You may also set this up through info@lgsons.com.
  6. During your visit, you may wish to talk to some of the parents. Please just make sure that your conversation is quiet or out of earshot of the children and teachers
  7. Please do not bring any nuts to our location, as we are a nut-free school. 

Thank you for your understanding our procedures. If you have questions or specific requests, please contact info@lgsons.com.


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